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Delta 15S Sea Kayak


The Delta 15s combines sleek lines with a smaller fitting cockpit to create an exceptional kayak suited for lighter paddlers with intermediate to advanced skill levels.

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Delta 15S Sea Kayak


    The 15' length, 22" width and lower deck height allow for fast and responsive handling coupled with reassuring secondary stability. With a conveniently accessible front day hatch, its storage capacity lends itself to multi-day tripping and at only 44lbs it’s a breeze to carry. Equipped with skeg or rudder options, the Delta 15s promises to please in quality, value and performance. Also featuring a fully adjustable ultralight seat, generous deck rigging, integrated self-rescue straps, gas pedal foot braces and auto-tight reflective perimeter lines.


      • Available Colors: Red, Yellow, Lime Green, White
      • Rudder: Standard
      • Skeg: Optional (in lieu of rudder)
      • Length: 4.6m
      • Width: 56cm
      • Depth: 29cm
      • Weight: 20kg
      • Cockpit: 80cm x 42cm
      • Cockpit Volume: 39 Gal / 159 L
      • Bow Dry Storage: 12.1 Gal / 45.8 L
      • Day Hatch: 1.8 Gal / 7 L
      • Stern Dry Storage: 30.3gal / 114.7 L
      • Maximum Capacity: 270 lbs / 122 kg