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AP Inflatable 12' SUP


High volume inflatable SUP made from heavy duty laminated PVC / Polyester layers. Comes in a pack with everything you need to get on the water. Suitable for all weights.

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AP Inflatable 12' SUP

    The 12’ AP Inflatable iSUP is an affordable, go-anywhere SUP package that takes usability and fun to the next level. Everything on this board has been designed to balance performance, functionality and convenience.

    PACKAGE: Includes the inflatable board, hand-pump with PSI gauge, removable fin with plate and screw, repair patch, and storage bag/backpack.

    CONVENIENCE: It only takes a few minutes to inflate the board; the ideal inflation range to ensure sturdiness and buoyancy is 15-20 PSI. Once deflated the board, along with all the accessories, fits into the storage backpack equipped with tough mesh ventilation panels and a waist strap for hiking.

    CONSTRUCTION: The board is made from heavy-duty laminated PVC/Polyester layers that are fused together by drop-stitched paneling. It has a universal fin box, soft carry handle, ¾ EVA traction pad and a forward storage zone. We have utilised the latest single layer construction to decrease the overall weight of the board making it dramatically lighter than previous versions.

    PERFORMANCE: This high volume, multi-purpose touring SUP is based on our popular Explorer model and has ample width and surface area through the mid zone which makes it very stable and easy to paddle. The tapered tail and streamlined nose shape helps the board cut through the water and maintain tremendous glide.
    This is the ultimate SUP package for traveling families with limited storage, and serious distance paddlers who like to be equipped and ready to explore new waterways.

    12' 33'' 6'' 310 L
    7" All weights