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A New Era in Jervis Bay Kayak and Paddlesports Co

Ross Boardman - Wednesday, February 04, 2015

This week Janet and I have officially handed over Jervis Bay Kayak & Paddlesports Co Retail Store and Hire operation to our New Owners and Directors Bart and Sarah Malecki. 

Sunday night was a chance for the JBK Team as it has stands to celebrate our incredible Team that has endured for almost 20 full years with our current Team pictured below being instrumental in literally thousands of Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Hires and hundreds of Sea Kayaking Trips and Courses and Extended Adventures both in Australia and Overseas. 

The JBK Team at home at the Sea Kayak Jervis Bay Base - Mat Goodwin, Ash McDonald, Aidan Cameron, Ellen Boardman, Tracy Gibson, Sam Boardman,Ross Boardman , Janet Boardman 

Both Janet and myself are immensely proud of our Service and Achievements and most importantly our amazing Team - Matthew Goodwin, Ashleigh McDonald, Tracy Gibson, Aidan Cameron, Sam Boardman,Ellen Boardman, and our past guides and instructors, John Gibson, Kim Hair, Jan Vokaty, Rebecca Vokaty,Andrew MacKenzie,Mick Greaves, Mick Sheehan,James Hannigan, and Bonnie Tregenza. 

As we leave JBK in the capable hands of Bart and Sarah , we will be continuing on with Sea Kayak Jervis Bay, and Synergy Paddlesports with a new Website,Logo, Base of Operations and an emphasis on Quality Kayaking activity to enable our customers to experience the pleasure of Sea Kayaking and Paddlesports both in Australia and around the world. 

We would like to thank every one of our customers for 20 incredible years of support and we look forward to seeing you on our experience programs into the future.

Yours Faithfully

Janet and Ross Boardman - Directors 


Regular Maintenance at JBK

Ross Boardman - Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Visitors to Huskisson and JBK will recognise our old tRUSTY Mitsubishi Canter Flatbed Truck that is our workhorse of our Hire Fleet of Sit On Top Kayaks. Loaded now with a full fleet of Brand New Perception Tribe 11.5 Single Sit On Top Kayaks.

Once a year she gets a full rust removal from her Rear Tray and today was the day. Armed with a respirator and Overalls Rossco has spent the day on the grinder and wire brush and taken at least 20kg of built up sand, salt and rust that builds up after a very busy pre-season.

It is a pointed  reminder of the need to care properly for your vehicles and equipment as the Salt Water Environment is the most unforgiving of all . Fresh water and Silicon Spray are the paddlers best friend and we suggest always wiping your kayak down before loading it on the roofrack and then a full clean out prior to storage. 

Plastic Kayaks should be coated periodically with UV Tech or 303 Protectorant to ensure the UV is topped up and the finish i restored and Composite Kayaks should be hand polished and the same protectorant applied on a monthly basis to ensure your expensive equipment is kept in top order. 

For any maintenance tips please contact our Team at JBK and get some advice on storing and maintaining your equipment.


Delta Kayaks Arrive In Australia.

Ross Boardman - Monday, November 03, 2014

We are proud to announce that the first Shipment of Delta Kayaks has arrived from Vancouver Canada last week. 

The combination of the Award Winning Seaward Composite Kayaks and the beautiful Thermoform Kayaks from Delta Kayaks has given the opportunity to offer something for everyone. 


We are delighted to announce the exclusive rights to distribution of these two fine brands in Australia, and we would like to invite you to check out the range on the Delta Kayaks and Seaward Kayaks Websites and test paddle these incredible craft at our Massive Demo Day. Registrations Open NOW.

Check out Tracy's crazy video of the unpacking fun last week at the JBK Factory.

AC Sea Guide Training Course Weekend

JBK Team - Monday, September 29, 2014

This Weekend gave us awesome weather and conditions for our AC Sea Guide Training Program. Held over two days the Students, who had earlier in the year successfully completed their AC Sea Skills Course with JBK and Sea Kayak Jervis Bay, were put through their paces learning how to Plan and manage a Paddling Trip for Clients. This included Logistics, Professionalism, Briefing delivery techniques, Risk Management, Trip Reporting, Communication and minimal impact practices.We also covered Surf Landing and Launching Techniques for groups, Managing capsizes and emergencies in moderate Sea Conditions around rocks and reefs and in open sea and Re-Enter Rolling. In the 25 to 30knt North East wind conditions the students did a great job and were rewarded with a fun downwind surf home.





If you think you would like to take the next step with your paddling education then check out our Courses and Trips itinerary at the links below or call for a chat about how you would like to progress.

Training Courses

Guided Sea Kayak Experiences


Australian Made Mega Proton 1st Surf

JBK Team - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Yesterday was the first day in weeks that the surf hasn't been triple overhead with onshore winds. The forecast of 1m swell with light offshore breezes gave me the perfect opportunity to put the very first Australian Made Mega Proton through its paces. Unfortunately (?) i had the break all to myself, so the only photos i could take were 'promo' shots with our stunning Cave Beach in the background.

My first impression upon paddling out was how stable the kayak is. Admittedly, i am on the small side for this boat, but compared to my normal ride the Neutron RV, the extra width in the Proton makes it easy to relax while sitting out the back. The surf was clean faces to about 4ft, with the occasional bigger set coming through, and it was also apparent that the Proton was keen to climb over the waves while paddling out, and this combined with the extra stability meant a quicker than usual trip out the back.
I didn't have to wait to long to turn and catch a wave and my next impression was Whoa!! The Proton is a fast piece of gear. So fast that it took me a couple of subsequent waves to really come to grips with the speed of the rail to rail transition when making turn on a wave. The Proton has a slight v in the rear of the hull and very little volume in the nose, plus i had the fins set almost in line with each other, so it really did want to turn on a 5 cent piece.

The bottom line is though, that the Proton is designed with a larger paddler than myself in mind ( I am about 5'11'' and 83kg), so with a bit of extra body in the cockpit and the fins set a bit further apart the down the line speed will be increased and the maneuverability a bit easier to control. Bigger paddlers than me will really appreciate the extra speed on a wave, and the tri- fin setup can always be adjusted to give the best results for the conditions on the day. The added stability over boats like the Neutron and the Boost will give new paddlers peace of mind in bigger conditions, but the overall hull shape is one that does not compromise on high performance surfability.

The first Aussie made Mega Proton  is now available to test paddle so if you are looking for an upgrade or wanting to jump into surf kayaking for the first time give us a call at Jervis Bay Kayaks and chat to us about the best options for you.







JBKs Whitsunday Islands Expedition 2014

Ross Boardman - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

With all of the excitement of little kids on red cordial we strolled into Sydney Airport ready for our next adventure to Hamilton Island, only to see a queue virtually out the door and Loo Taylor caught my gaze and informed me that the line started way back there.Not a great start considering we were 1 1/2 hrs early for the flight.

As we pushed and shoved our way a little closer Janet found an opening and we slid right in and just made the flight with a minute or so to spare. Lesson learnt, always be ridiculously early or you may have an expensive start to your next holiday.  

Our arrival at Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Group was greeted with a very sunny and warm 25 degrees and a short transfer to the Reef View Hotel. Our very nice accommodation afforded views of Whitsunday Passage and Whitsunday and Hazelwood Island. Lunch at the Sails Cafe on the beach and we all found our feet by taking in walks and a leisurely afternoon checking out the Luxury Boats at the Marina and the amazing Hamilton Island Yacht club.

Our group was met by our guide Hannah, a former Sea Kayak Guide from Abel Tasman National Park in NZ at the Marina and we boarded sCAMPer our Water Taxi loaded with Sea Kayaks for a short but quite wild ride to Whitehaven Beach where we unloaded a week of gear, food and camping gear onto this incredible Beach. Our first night would be a base camp at Whitehaven group site and after setting up a Day Mussion ( as Hannah would say) to Hazelwood Island was had across the passage for a snorkel and lunch at Windy Bay and a small surf in the tiny breakers on the northern side of the Island. The journey back was calm, with a Pod of Dolphins fishing in the Solway Pass.

On arrival back at Whitehaven the Sea Planes and Tour Operators had left for the night leaving us with a few Catamarans and Sailing Yachts moored offshore and an incredible display of stars in the new moon darkness.

Day Two : Our morning pack up and load up was swift and we hit the water and traversed the Whitehaven Bay for a hour and a half before arriving at Hill Inlet. This iconic piece of coast offers a magnificent vista of a pure white sand a turquoise estuary begging to be paddled on. The lookout Trail is well established here and charter operators abound with loads of day trippers photographing the scene. The decision to venture to the further campsite on Hook Island as the Peter Bay Campsite had been devastated earlier this year. This was a particularly long stretch in the early after noon but the group sensed the worth of our intended campsite at Crayfish Bay on the southern shores of Mackerel Bay.

This beautiful bay surrounded by tall mountains and beautiful clear water boasts great snorkeling and sheltered from the South East Trade Winds. The Sunset through the mountain saddle was amazing as we settled in for another night with the stars and and good laugh. The whole group has centred their tents on the view and the morning dew on the tent flys burnt off quickly as the sun broke through the trees.

Day Three : 

Nearing mid tide, a short snorkeling adventure featured giants clams, green turtles and soft and hard corals in the shallows and the whole group relaxed in the morning warmth.


One of the highlights for me on this trip was the short paddle around Mackerel Bay as we headed north. The intricate rock features and coves and beaches that adorn this piece of coast was a real surprise as I recall my time as a very young Dive Instructor in the late 80s on this island, not recalling the beauty of this place as I do now with older more appreciative eyes.

Rounding the Pinnacle Point added some excitement with a dropping tide as we bounced through the Tide Race between Hook Island and Double Rock and we sighted a Large Manta Ray on the Surface playing under a boat load of on onlookers. Heading west into the appropriately named Manta Ray Bay we were dwarfed by the towering cliffs, sea caves and natural weathered sandstone sculptures.

Our arrival at Maureens Cove signaled the end of another leisurely paddle as we topped up on supplies from Neil at Salty Dog Sea Kayaking who met us with some water and food supplies.Snorkeling that afternoon was fantastic where we heard Humpback Whales singing in the distance and a school of Steephead Parrotfish devouring sections of coral and reconstituting the coral into sand on the sea floor.


The sunset was breathtaking and the group sipped wine with the setting sun on the steep coral beach as the day ended with another incredible star show and the silence of a calm sea.

Day Four : Morning snorkeling stretched out the legs and a short walk up the dry river creek bed to an amphitheater of rainforest and in the cool of the shade the stillness and remoteness left us with a real sense of escape. 

The group packed the gear into the kayaks for last time as we headed for Steens Beach opposite Hayman Island hugging the coast throughout Butterfly Bay sensing the varying coastline and vegetation as we moved from cliff faces to mangroves to estuarine to steep beaches and coral bommies.The Mountainous scenery is a real delight on this trip and combined with the colours of the Sea it strikes a stunning scene from any angle. 

Our Last night on Steens Beach offers a sandy campsite with a commanding view of Hayman Island and the Mainland to the West as the sun sets over the Queenland Hinterland.

Day 5 : Our last day of Sea Kayaking allowed time for a short Paddle to Black Island ( Bali Hai ) opposite Hook Island and a snack and a break before heading across the very windy Strait to Steens Beach for our collection by the Water Taxi. A 1.5 hour exciting ride back to Hamilton Island and 2 nights of realxing at the Reef Hotel, Dinner, chilling by the pool side and sightseeing ended a brilliant week with a superb group of people. 

I have discovered that these trips encompass great experiences and a social bonding with a group that you cannot put a value on.I would like to thank our Group of Paddlers on this trip for a very nice week, and some great laughs and experiences. The personal achievements of the week were taken on with humour and a great sense of adventure and this is what these Sea Kayaking Expeditions are all about for me. 

Huge thanks to our JBK Paddlers Group - Dave MacQuart, Loo Taylor, Peter Murray, Di Staniforth, Bev Meredith, Jon Mortimer, Karen Baker, Janet Boardman , Ellen Boardman.I would also like to thank Hannah, Neil and Hayley Kennedy from Salty Dog Sea Kayaking for the great service once again. 

Check out our 2015 Sea Kayaking Holidays as there is limited space available on some departures. 

Best Regards 

Ross Boardman - Director    


Mega Proton Surf Kayak - Molding Process

Ross Boardman - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Team at JBK are proud to announce the Molding Process for the Mega Proton High Performance Surf Kayak is now complete and  is available for order here in Australia.  For the Past 10 Years JBK has manufactured Mega Surf Kayaks under license here in Australia and we are proud to produce these beautiful craft to avid Kayak Surfers both here and in New Zealand.

The Mega Proton High Performance Surf Kayak

I thought I would share some photos of the molding process that produces composite kayaks, and highlight the need for extremely high quality patterns to produce the molds that result in the beautiful quality craft that Mega Kayaks International are renowned for. 

We begin with a high quality pattern that is air freighted to us from Malcolm Pearcey of Mega International in the UK. Malcolm's attention to detail is impeccable and provides an insight into the Designer who has since 1991, lead the world in Surf Kayak Design and Innovation. 

The Prototype undergoes extensive testing by Reputable Kayakers in Europe and the UK prior to us making the decision to introduce to Australia. We are looking for Surf Kayaks that suit the Developing Paddler Scene in Australia and well suited to our typical wave types and experience levels.

Upon it's arrival, the plug is prepared with a flange on it's seam to enable future vacuum infusion molding and to add additional strength and durability to the Mold. The Flange is fashioned from layers of Fibreglass that is held in place on the Pattern and a radius of Molding Clay neatly fills the small gap and is meticulously prepared to ensure a slightly rounded edge. The Plug is then given a series of polishes to produce a perfect gloss finish that will reflect the quality of the mold. 

It is essential that a clean environment be kept at all stages of the process to ensure the Pattern is dust free and that no imperfections are introduced, including dust, lint and insects that may be attracted to the highly lit work area. 

After five coats of High Temperature Release Wax the pattern is now ready to be coated in a layer of Tooling Gel Coat that will form the surface of the mold. The Gel Coat is catalysed with a Hardener that sets the Resin to a tacky layer in about 4 hours and is then ready to accept multiple layers of Fibreglass Matting and extra composite reinforcement to form a Mold about 4 to 5 times the thickness of the product to be produced. 

The series of photos shows a process that is completed over several days as subsequent layers are applied 2 at a time to avoid high exothermic heat and damage to the plug or mold surface.  


Mega Proton Hull from initial Preparation to final Mold.

The same process is applied to the deck pattern as it is matched on the hull mould to enable a perfect seperating edge and ease of joining. The Patterns are retained in the mold for a week or so to enable proper curing.



The Deck Pattern is matched to the hull and the process repeated to produce the deck mold. Upon release of the pattern the Mold is polished to a high finish to produce a superb finish.

The final process involves removing the pattern from the mold and this is done by separating the pattern with wedges and gentle and sometimes quite physical persuasion, ultimately the pattern is removed undamaged resulting in a perfect female replica of the pattern. Final preparation before the the first kayak is laid into the mold requires a series of polishes to increase the luster and maintain a perfect surface for the finished product. 

I hope this has provided some insight into the Manufacture of the Mega Product Range, and the same process is used to form the Molds for all Kayaks that are constructed of Composite Materials.

Best Regards 

Ross Boardman - Director - Jervis Bay Kayak and Paddlesports Co / Mega Surf Kayaks Australia / Seaward Kayaks Australia

Sea Kayak Holiday Adventures

JBK Team - Friday, July 18, 2014
Plan your next Holiday Adventure

Check out the JBK Calendar for upcoming local Trips and Courses 
and get ready to pick your Trip of a lifetime from our  Dream Travel Destination Kayak Holidays around the Planet!


Sea Skills Award Assessment Day

JBK Team - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Australian Canoeing Sea Skills Award Assessment

Ben Demonstrating Perfect Paddle Float Rescue Technique

We had a fun Sea Skills assessment day today in 15kts of Nth wind and 1m South Swell bumping down the South Coast and around Bowen Island. Our Sea Skills Candidate today demonstrated great Paddling Technique, Landing and Launching, Eskimo Rolling, Bracing and a range of other rescues including securing and towing an injured/sick Paddler.

Nice to be out paddling with the water still at 18degrees,and I think we just beat the next onset of cold westerlies!!

Congratulations Ben, Well done attaining your Australian Canoeing Sea Skills Award... Happy Paddling on your next adventure...

Ningaloo Reef Explorers Return

JBK Team - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The JBK Paddling Crew hit the road again this past week flying to the magical Desert wonderland that is the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and the Cape Range National Park located near Exmouth. An area of quintessential Australian beauty we scored absolutely brilliant conditions for paddling, snorkeling, walking and all things exploring.


Hiking in Mandu Mandu Gorge

Refreshed after a night at the Ningaloo Reef Novatel, we headed off into the Range with our swags packed and our trailers loaded with kayaks, gear and food goodies for the trip. Our private camp site near Yardie Creek would be our home base for the week as we managed a car shuttle to our start and finish locations each day. Everyone agreed it was a nice way to set up to allow us to have a few little extra luxuries during the trip and a nice protected location to come back to every night.

Day One saw us get a beautiful sunset paddle in and get to know our kayaks and equipment set ups. We paddled to an off shore snorkeling sight just near the waves breaking on the Fringing Reef and got our first taste of things to come spotting a myriad of sea life including turtles and a few friendly Reef Sharks.


 Two White Tip Reef Sharks Cruising the Reef

That night while some chose to sleep in-doors (in a comfy two man tent), I chose the million star Hotel and slept out in my cosy swag. The brilliance of the stars and the still (almost) full moon was intoxicating. I read the night sky the same way I would read a book engrossed in its story as I slowly drifted off to sleep with the sound of the waves breaking on the reef.


Bungelup Base Camp.. Di 1, Di 2, Sharon, Tania and Guides Neri and Tracy

On Day Two we took the morning to let the wind die down and headed up to Mandu Mandu Gorge for a 3klm loop walk through the high red cliffs home to Rock Wallabies and Osprey. Just recently open again after the flooding, this gave us a great perspective on the Range to Reef aspect of where we were with fantastic views through the gorge. Then it was back to the kayaks for another brilliant afternoons paddling and two separate off shore snorkels. This is done by anchoring (or using the Kayak moorings in place) to secure the kayaks whilst we drop in over the side and snorkel with the prevailing currents. There is a bit of a trick to getting back in with fins on, which the group mastered in a very graceful and dignified manner ;-)


Green Turtle showing his grace underwater

Day Three gave us some awesome tailwinds and with the current working with us we flew along the reef from Osprey Bay, past Sandy Bay and onto South Mandu getting another great snorkel in after lunch. Sandy Bay came alive as we hugged the shore line to see sleeping turtles and shovel nose rays relaxing in the sunlit waters. The Go Pro’s were firing and some of the team got some great close ups as we drifted over the top of the abundant marine life.


Shovel Nose Ray coming in for a look... That's a Kayak Rudder in the background

Day Four was another tailwind day with the winds still from the South East. We stopped at Oyster Stacks for a great drift snorkel before morning tea then paddled onto the magnificent Turquoise Bay. The water clarity was amazing here for this shore based snorkel but you had to be very careful of the currents. We used a buddy system at all times and had a very strict entry and exit point so being really aware of how fast you drifted was important and how close you got to the Fringe Reef. There had been several drowning’s in this area so we made sure to play it safe. After finishing the paddle at Tulki Beach it was time to stretch the legs with a sunset walk up Yardie Creek Gorge back near our base camp. We timed our trek perfectly to hit the top of the gorge just as the sun started to set. We caught a few Rock Wallabies having a forage before dark and listened to the Osprey parents chatting to their kids and each other as the light faded. The panoramic views from Yardie Creek were spectacular and it was such a relaxing and peaceful way to end another wonderful day living and breathing the Reef.


Yardie Creek Sunset Walk ... Stunning!!

Our last day of the trip was the best of all. Without even a breath of wind, nor a cloud in the sky, we started the day with a snorkel from the anchored kayaks just inside the reef at a “secret” spot. We counted through the species; Reef Shark - Tick, Tawny Nurse Shark -Tick, Green Turtle -Tick, Clown Fish - Tick and the list went on and on. Again the clarity close the outer reef was amazing and as it was our last snorkel for the trip we were buzzing at what we had seen. We even got to see a few Dugongs in the Sea Grass as we paddled to our finish point at Mangrove Bay. With the waves breaking on the reef to the west and the sun highlighting the brilliant red colours of the range to the east, it was hard to take it all in and it was a good time to reflect on the week and remind yourself just how lucky we are to have this in our own backyard and the importance for it to be protected.


Tania, Sharon, D 1, Tracy and Di 2 .. Just another day in paradise

We kicked on that night with a celebratory dinner back in Exmouth but we were careful to get to bed early as we would be up again at dawn for a day out with the Whale Sharks. The forecast looked like we would be spoilt again with hot sunny weather and very calm seas, just a perfect Ninglaoo Day, and it was spot on. Snorkeling with these placid giants of the ocean is one of THE most amazing experiences you can have and something that should be on everyone’s “bucket list”. Not much is known about the Whale Shark by comparison to other ocean species. Where it breeds, where it travels to, how they give birth, and why they tend to love Ningaloo in particular is still all quite a big mystery. The operators at 3 Islands Whale Shark Dive are top class and run the experience in the most unobtrusive manner possible. So well organized and a really lovely crew these girls and guys get you in the right spot at the right time for the swim of a lifetime!


Perfect Ningaloo Day for our Whale Shark Dive experience


Magnificent in her element....

A huge thank you goes out to all the JBK Paddlers who joined us on this wonderful week. Thank you for the laughs and good times and we hope to see you all back again on another one of our exciting JBK Travel Adventures!!